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3 Crank Manual Luxury Hospital Bed

  • Brand: Rainbow Care
  • Product Code: B3M3L (C)
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Includes Mattress & Delivery                        



The 3 crank manual bed is a popular choice as it does not require any electricity at all. Using the hand crank method, the bed provides the same functions as the electrical one, just without the wires.

The luxury version has 4 side panels which allow ease of getting in and out of bed for mobile users.

With 3 cranks, the bed is able to perform the following base functions:


Function 1 Back Raise
Function 2 Leg Raise
Function 3 Height Adjustments


Hospital Bed Specifications
Overall Length 210 cm
Overall Width 98 cm
Lowest Height 42 cm (Floor to Bed base)
Highest Height 74 cm (Floor to Bed base)
Back Raise Angle 0° to 80°
Leg Raise Angle 0° to 40°
Mattress Length 194 cm
Mattress Width 89 cm
Mattress Height 10 cm
Safe Working Load 150 kg