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Hirtz HICO Decubimat 370 Air Mattress System

  • Brand: Rainbow Care
  • Product Code: B4MHD370
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Made in Germany
Includes PU Cover                             



The alternating pressure mattress is ideal for patients who are suffering from bed sores or ulcers caused from lying on the bed for extended hours. The heat trapped between the patient's body and the mattress causes sores and ulcers to frequently appear, which can become unbearing for the patient.

The patient hence lies on a cushion of air inflated tubes to allow better ventilation and air flow, while literally lying on a bed of air.

The HICO-DECUBIMAT 370 provides the performance of a big cell alternting pressure mattress combined with the function of static pressure relieve, based on an optimum system conception, which has been designed for a wide range of applications.

- 2-chamber big cell system incl. CPR valve and static head section
- application in prophylactics and therapy up to stage II
- automatic pressure control by means of pressure sensor technology
- monitoring by control light
- patient weight adjustable from 40 kg to 160 kg
- easy handling and cleaning
- silent
- favourable cost-performance ration


Country of Origin

Made in Germany


Hospital Bed Specifications
Mattress Length 200 cm
Mattress Width 90 cm
Mattress Height 13 cm
Safe Working Load 40 - 160 kg