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Bubble Humidifier

  • Brand: Salter Labs
  • Product Code: O2HUM2 (C & HC)
  • Availability: In Stock

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- For use with Oxygen Concentrators                          



All new 360° rectangular diffuser ports provide quiet operation with low system back pressure and 3 PSI pressure pop-off, alarm.

New dome lid design incorporates refinements, resulting in high performance. Ideal for use with all oxygen sources: concentrator, liquid, tank, wall outlet.


- 360° molded, low resistance, high output diffuser head design
- Quiet, efficient hydration with less rain out. Resists clogging due to mineral build up from water
- Connecting tower design
- Greater resistance to damage from incidental impact
- Large, quad wing nut connector
- Easy to grip, reduces chance of cross-threading
- Audible pop-off alarm 3 PSI
- Reduces the likelihood of concentrator damage. Audible warning of downstream occlusion.
- Jar permanently etched, large print minimum/maximum water level markings
- Easy to read, durable, will not rub, wear or wash off
- Easy seal, translucent, double helix thread jar
- Simple, sure, half turn on/off with positive seal. No gasket is required