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HBLD3-E (L) Electrical Wheelchair

  • Brand: Rainbow Care
  • Product Code: W1HBLD3E (N)
  • Availability: In Stock

- Foldable Back Rest and Leg Rest
- 20 kg
- Lithium Battery                  



The HBLD3-E weighs only 20 kg but boasts a mileage of ~20 km and is powered by 1 rear wheel motor driver. With the dual automatic electronic breaking system, you can brake on a steep slope without worrying about rolling back, and the timing belt transmission ensures more than sufficient power for moving upwards on steep slopes.

- Aluminium Alloy Frame
- Universal Controller
- Brushless Motor Transmission
- Single Motor
- Foldable Back Rest and Leg Rest
- 20 kg
- Range: ~ 20 km


Wheelchair Specifications
Overall Width 60 cm (Wheel to Wheel)
Folded Width 33 cm (Wheel to Wheel)
Seat Height 49 cm (Floor to Seat)
Front Wheel Diameter 6 "
Back Wheel Diameter 12 "
Seat Width 44 cm (Internal)
Seat Depth 42 cm
Safe Working Load 80 kg
Wheelchair Weight 18 kg