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New Features for Hospital Beds


Having a hospital bed at home allows residents to be in various comfort positions by raising their backs and legs. Hospital beds with 3 cranks also allow height adjustable movement of the bed. This would allow caregivers to better assist patients in their daily activities with ease. Home care hospital beds come in 2 forms, manual versions and electrical versions.

Shopping for a hospital bed is often a new experience for many, and with so many suppliers and versions of beds to choose from, it is easy to get confused. At Rainbow Care, we pride our hospital beds on quality and value for money spent. Below are some of the features which make us stand out from the rest.

Higher Elevations for Comfort

Beds from Rainbow Care allow the back rest to be elevated to over 80 degrees to allow patients to sit up for meals or just simply for watching television. Leg positions can also be elevated up to 40 degrees to prevent any discomfort. We usually recommend placing the resident in a 'lounge' position for maximum comfort.

Feel at home, not at a hospital.

We redesigned our hospital beds to blend into the surroundings of any home setting. Using the patient's own mattress cover, pillows and blankets will make them feel even more at home. We also have a range of waterproof mattress covers to protect mattresses and to make any clean up work easier.

We have also brought in a range of premium 'home-like' nursing care beds from Wissner-Bosserhoff in Germany to enhance the home care experience.

Movita Innovation Premium Electrical Bed


A New Low in Height

With height adjustable hospital beds, patients can now easily get in and out of their bed with assistance. By providing a lower height for our hospital beds, patients can now easily place their feet fully flat on the floor while sitting on the hospital bed, providing additional balance for transfers or to stand up.


Higher Side Rails for better Safety

For patients who require alternating air pressure mattress systems, siderails are often too short to provide any safety after the mattress is inflated on top of the standard 4" mattress. To curb this problem, Rainbow Care has extended our safety side rails by 10cm to provide additional safety during patient turning or patient activity when using the pressure mattress.


All Wheel Locks

Most hospital beds in the market only come with alternate wheel locks diagonally. However, these beds often 'slide' when cargivers are attending to patients as they lean over the beds. Rainbow Care is the first to correct this problem by providing 4 wheel locks on our hospital beds at no extra cost.




Electrical Motors from T-Motion

T-Motion is a worldwide leader in hydraulic electrical motors from Taiwan. They export to continents such as Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia. Many hospital bed manufacturers in the US and Europe use hydraulic motors from T-Motion, which is why we use them too.

When shopping for electrical beds, always look for the brand and make of the motors. We would strongly encourage you to make a trip to shop for your hospital bed at showrooms, to ensure that you would be getting the correct product.

All our motors and remote controls are clearly marked with the T-Motion brands and are individually serialized, so our clients can be assured of service quality.


Manual Stainless Steel Cranks

Manual crank hospital beds are economical to purchase and relies on hand cranks to adjust back and leg positions. Thanks to a clever system of hydraulics and cranks, even lifting a patient during height adjustment feels easy and light.

To save space, the cranks can be folded in neatly to prevent care givers from knocking into them. Made of durable stainless steel, the handle cranks are rust proof and do not break easily, another innovation from Rainbow Care to ensure that your 3 Crank Manual Hospital Bed stays long lasting.


Direct Service from Rainbow Care

Rainbow Care imports and services our range of hospital beds and wheelchairs. Hence, when you require servicing for your equipment, we would provide the service and repair options to you. This is direct from us to you, ensuring you get prompt service.

For more information, please feel free to contact us and we would be most pleased to assist you.