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Reusable Diaper Microfibre Liners

  • Brand: Rainbow Care
  • Product Code: H7DLR (HC)
  • Availability: In Stock

- Ultra Absorbent
- Easy to Clean and Maintain                



Diaper Cloth Liners are placed as an additional layer of protection against heavy flow incontinence throughout the day and night. Made of high quality microfibre, the diaper cloth liners are ultra absorbent and this prevents leakage even on heavy flow nights.

Besides being easy to wash, the diaper cloth liners are free size, so there is no worry about being too small or too big to fit in the pants.

Best suited for elderly who are not used to wearing diapers at night, the ultra absorbent nature of the diaper cloth linings will soak in all the incontinence issues, saving clean up time and efforts.

The liners come in 2 shapes, the straight cut as a standard and a wings cut for added absorbency.


Rehabilitation Specifications
Material Ultra Absorbent Micro Fibre
Care Instructions Machine Wash, Mild Bleach, Tumble Dry. Do Not Use Fabric Softeners.
Absorbancy Up to 1 Cup