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Difference Between Premium Beds And Regular Beds


In our showroom, we have two categories of hospital beds - premium beds and regular beds. Between both categories of beds, the properties stay similar. However, the premium beds go more in depth into the research to attain the maximum comfort and aestheticism of the beds for the user, whereas the regular beds are cost effective and provides solutions for key concerns. Thus, the price of the premium beds are more expensive than the regular beds. Here is a friendly guide that compares the two categories to help buyers make a more informed choice of the type of hospital beds that is most suitable for the user.


1. Comfort

Premium Bed Solutions Regarding Comfort:

1. BiNetic Patient Surface - Prevents Bedsores, Promotes Easy Maintenance
With double retraction: Real bedsore prevention - more than just a backrest in accordance with DBfK (German nurses association) recommendation.
• Your benefit: Reduction of pelvic compression as well as friction and shearing forces due to leg rest retraction by 6 cm
• DBfK backrest retraction by 11 cm

Patient Surface Ergonomics
The ergonomic division of the patient surface helps prevent pressure and therefore contributes to bedsore reduction. The dimensions of the 4-part patient surface of wissner-bosserhoff nursing home beds are based on findings from anthropometrics, i.e. on the average size and height of a person. On the basis of professor Eigler’s findings, it can be seen that the backrest area should be at least 80 cm long in order to effectively support the cervical spine. An additional reduction of pressure can be reached with the BiNetic patient surface for patients with above-average height due to its integrated bed extension. The patient surface can be extended to 220 cm either temporarily and without tools using the express bed extension, or permanently with the bed extension set, preventing the legs from bumping on the foot end.

Patient Surface Modularity

You can choose between 3 different patient surface options:
01 - The wire mesh patient surface Aero ensures good aeration.
02 - The synthetic mats of the Easyclean patient surface are especially easy to clean.
03 - The comfort patient surface with its 55 spring elements not only promotes bedding comfort but also makes a valuable contribution to bedsore prevention.

In general, the patient surface partitions can be easily removed and cleaned.

Effectiveness of Double Retraction Confirmed
For years now, wissner-bosserhoff has been pursuing a practicable concept for reducing the risk of bedsores: The double retraction as a component of the BiNetic patient surface. With the double retraction, not only the backrest but also the leg rest is located further apart from the seat section, so that the surface is enlarged. In the meantime, there are results from pressure measurements which clearly show that there is less pressure with double retraction (image 1b) than with single retraction and significantly less pressure than with the standard patient surface (image 2b).

Double retraction is not to be considered as the only means of bedsore prevention, it can however effectively support existing options and, above all, it demonstrates that we should make use of all technical means at hand to improve bedsore prevention.

2. 2 Automatic Positions - Presets For Your Convenience
The automatic positions of sentida, adjustable at the push of a button, increase comfort when lying in bed and support bedsore prevention for the benefit of the resident while reducing the strain on nursing staff.

Automatic Comfort Seating
The automatic comfort seating brings the bed into a pre-selected seating position for watching TV and reading comfortably, for eating or communicating at eye level. Mobilization using the lifter is effectively supported in this position. In addition, this position facilitates breathing and digestion. It trains spatial orientation and stimulates circulation for residents confined to bed. The double retraction provides additional relief of pressure in the sacral area.

Automatic Positioning
The preset legs up position promotes decongestion with venous diseases and at the same time supports bedsore prevention. The 1/2 Fowler 30° position with knee lifting guarantees a reduced bedsore risk* thanks to a favorable weight distribution in the sacral region, which is especially at risk of developing bedsores.

Regular Bed Solutions Regarding Comfort:

1. Manual Stainless Steel Cranks
Manual crank hospital beds are economical to purchase and relies on hand cranks to adjust back and leg positions. Thanks to a clever system of hydraulics and cranks, even lifting a patient during height adjustment feels easy and light.

To save space, the cranks can be folded in neatly to prevent caregivers from knocking into them. Made of durable stainless steel, the handle cranks are rust proof and do not break easily, another innovation from Rainbow Care to ensure that your 3 Crank Manual Hospital Bed stays long lasting.

2. Higher Elevations for Comfort
Beds from Rainbow Care allow the backrest to be elevated to over 80 degrees to allow patients to sit up for meals or just simply for watching television. Leg positions can also be elevated up to 40 degrees to prevent any discomfort. We usually recommend placing the resident in a 'lounge' position for maximum comfort.


2. Safety

Premium Bed Solutions Regarding Falling:

Falling is one of the greatest risks for the physical health and psychological well-being of elderly people. For this reason, systematic fall prevention is of crucial importance in care for the elderly, making it an important quality feature of a nursing home. The consequences of falls are often very serious for elderly people and, in the worst case, even irreversible. The fear of further falls is one of the most common psychological consequences, leading to limited physical activity, a loss of self-confidence and social isolation.

With the sentida range of low nursing beds, wissner-bosserhoff has achieved a consequent and above all uncompromising implementation of the requirements of modern nursing care: Maximum safety hand in hand with a cozy design.

Innovative solutions such as:

1. 3-stop Strategy
• Fall prevention during sleeping phases at 27 cm bed height
• Safe mobilization at chair height at 41 cm bed height
• Optimal nursing position at 80 cm bed height
3 different automatic bed height levels, using the in-built Intelligent Verticalization System (IVS), to accommodate nursing height, chair height, and fall prevention during sleeping height.

2. Patented SafeFree® Side Guard Concept
• Divided side guards, each adjustable in 4 different heights
• 3 bed lengths: 200cm, 210cm, and 220cm. Without central gap > 318 mm and without middle post.

To reduce falls as well as the consequences associated with them and set standards in terms of safety, mobility, height adjustability and coziness.

3. Brakes
Depending on the sentida bed model, there are different brake systems to the beds. However, all our models have a brake system, varying between electrical and manual brakes.

Regular Bed Solutions Regarding Falling:

1. A New Low in Height
With height adjustable hospital beds, patients can now easily get in and out of their bed with assistance. By providing a lower height for our hospital beds, patients can now easily place their feet fully flat on the floor while sitting on the hospital bed, providing additional balance for transfers or to stand up.

2. Higher Side Rails

For patients who require alternating air pressure mattress systems, siderails are often too short to provide any safety after the mattress is inflated on top of the standard 4" mattress. To curb this problem, Rainbow Care has extended our safety side rails by 10cm to provide additional safety during patient turning or patient activity when using the pressure mattress.

3. Wheel Locks

Most hospital beds in the market only come with alternate wheel locks diagonally. However, these beds often 'slide' when caregivers are attending to patients as they lean over the beds. Rainbow Care is the first to correct this problem by providing 4 wheel locks on our hospital beds at no extra cost.


3. Quality

Premium Bed Solutions Regarding Quality:

1. Intelligent Design Handset With Extended Functionality

Already at first glance, the handset of the sentida nursing home beds impresses with its clarity and ergonomic form: fewer buttons and large symbols ensure that operation can be learned intuitively.

The pre-selection function makes the handset single fault safe – triggering a function by accidentally pressing a key is not possible.


The handset is easy to reach for both the resident and staff at all times.

Regular Bed Solutions Regarding Quality:

1. Electrical Motors from T-Motion

T-Motion is a worldwide leader in hydraulic electrical motors from Taiwan. They export to continents such as Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia. Many hospital bed manufacturers in the US and Europe use hydraulic motors from T-Motion, which is why we use them too.

When shopping for electrical beds, always look for the brand and make of the motors. We would strongly encourage you to make a trip to shop for your hospital bed at showrooms, to ensure that you would be getting the correct product.

All our motors and remote controls are clearly marked with the T-Motion brands and are individually serialized, so our clients can be assured of service quality.


4. Hygiene

Premium Bed Solutions Regarding Hygiene:

Antimicrobial Coating - Sterile Surfaces In A Minimum Of Time

In nursing care institutions, the number of infections with MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and other pathogens which are hard or complex to prevent or kill by common hygiene measures is increasing. For this reason, wissner-bosserhoff now offers antimicrobial coating for nursing home beds, being the first manufacturer in Europe to provide this. The parts of the bed most frequently touched by the resident and nursing staff are treated with this coating to effectively prevent the multi-resistant viruses from emerging or spreading. Ions harmless for humans are constantly created and attack the metabolic system of harmful microorganisms. The antimicrobial coating has successfully passed practical tests: The ionic agent is highly effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae. Even when commercially available disinfectants are used, the antimicrobial effect is not impaired.

Your Advantages At A Glance
• The settlement and transmission of germs is reduced
• Reduced risk of infection by inhibiting germ growth
• The number of infections in nursing homes is reduced
• Antibiotic resistance is reduced

Permanent germ accumulation and spreading to the most commonly touched surfaces of the nursing home bed and bedside cabinet is thus effectively prevented.


5. Customer Service Support

Direct Service From Rainbow Care

Rainbow Care imports and services our range of hospital beds and wheelchairs. Hence, when you require servicing for your equipment, we would provide the service and repair options to you. This is direct from us to you, ensuring you get prompt service.

For more information, please feel free to contact us and we would be most pleased to assist you.