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KY954 Reclining Wheelchair

  • Brand: Rainbow Care
  • Product Code: W4KY954LGC
  • Availability: In Stock

- Detachable Arm & Foot Rest
- Full Recline
- 18 kg                  



The KY954 Reclining Wheelchair is made of a lightweight aluminium frame and has detachable Arm Rests and Foot Rests. Users are able to recline fully to achieve a totally flat profile for better comfort.

- Aluminium Frame
- Detachable Arm Rest
- Detachable Foot Rest
- Elevating Foot Rest
- Detachable Head Rest
- Full Assisted Recline
- 23" PU Wheels
- 18 kg


Wheelchair Specifications
Overall Width 27.5” or 69.9cm (Wheel to Wheel)
Folded Width 15.5” or 39.4cm (Wheel to Wheel)
Overall Length 46” or 116.8cm
Folded Length 35.5” or 90.2cm
Reclined Length 65.5” or 166.4cm
Overall Height With Headrest 47.5” or 120.7cm
Overall Height Without Headrest 37” or 94cm
Folded Height NA (Non-Foldable Back)
Seat Height 19” or 48.3cm (Seat to Ground)
Armrest Height 28” or 71.1cm (Armrest to Ground)
Front Wheel Diameter 7.5” or 19.1cm
Back Wheel Diameter 23.2” or 59cm
Seat Width 17.5” or 44.5cm
Seat Depth 16” or 40.6cm
Backrest Height With Headrest 31.5” or 80cm
Backrest Height Without Headrest 18” or 45.7cm
Safe Working Load 100kg
Wheelchair Weight 20kg