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Movita Innovation Premium Hospital Bed


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Includes Mattress & Delivery
Made in Germany              


Features Overview




Divided Side Rails
The Movita Innovation comes with divided safety sides to allow better support when getting in and out of bed.





Intelligent Handset
All Movita beds comes with an intelligent handset with a clear menu structure and ergonomic design. It has fewer buttons and large symbols which facilitate intuitive operation.

Users have to press on the function they would like to adjust before activating it, therefore preventing accidential changes.

The handset can also be locked from the back using the key provided, further improving the security of the bed.





Laying Surfaces
Choose from 3 laying surfaces: Komfort, Easy and Aero.

The Aero surface comes standard as a mesh type laying surface with good support. For caregivers who would like an easy clean option, the Easy laying surface is much easier to clean, and provides the same support level.

The Komfort laying surface cushioning technology provides an additional soft lying effect and comfortable lying - even with a 12 cm mattress. It also provides effective prevention of bedsores.





The BiNetic Frame
Many residents have no choice but to spend a large amount of time in bed. Mobilization support becomes increasingly important to prevent bedsores.

With the BiNetic frame, Movita supports caregivers in actively mobilizing the resident by means of a bed surface that effectively minimizes friction and shearing forces. The simultaneous retraction of the back rest and leg rest demonstrably reduces friction and shearing forces.

The ergonomic division and modular surface additionally contribute to the prevention of bedsores.






Central Braking System
Braking has never been easier.

Through a central braking system, brakes can be applied to all 4 castors through the central pedal via foot operation. You can lock all wheels without the use of any electricity, and operate the brakes at any bedding height, which reduces back strain.

Multi directional castors allow easy manoeuvrability of the bed.



Hospital Bed Specifications
Overall Length 206 cm
Overall Width 103 cm
Lowest Height 36 cm (Floor to Bed base)
Highest Height 76 cm (Floor to Bed base)
Back Raise Angle 0° to 80°
Leg Raise Angle 0° to 50°
Mattress Length 200 cm
Mattress Width 90 cm
Mattress Height 10 cm
Safe Working Load 160 kg

Add-On Options


Laying Surfaces





Movita beds come standard with a 4-inch PVC Foam Standard Mattress.


You may choose to upgrade to the Open-Pore Cold Foam Universal Mattress with a PU cover, or the 3-Layered Cold Foam MicroMatt Comfort Mattress.