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Nasal Cannula


Available Options

- Also available in Adult sizes 14Ft for $14 and 7Ft Infant size for $7



Made from premium non toxic PVC, the quality of the oxygen delivered through the nasal cannula is never compromised, ensuring that through the delivery process from the oxygen concentrator to the nostrils, the oxygen remains pure. Non toxic PVC also prevents any occurence of allergies and infections in the nasal area, providing focus on the oxygen therapy for better recovery.

A transparent nasal cannula allows you to determine soiled areas of the cannula, providing clear indications of wear and tear, so users would know when it is time to change their nasal cannula for maximum hygiene purposes. Another plus point of transparency indicates dirty areas for cleaning, maintaining and maximising the useful life of the cannula.

Enhanced softness of the nasal cannula reduces rigidity of the nostril inserts for maximum comfort levels during oxygen therapy.

Available in sizes for adults and infants.


- Non toxic PVC
- 7 Feet and 14 Feet sizes available
- Transparent
- Soft
- Nasal sizes available for adults, paediatrics and infants.