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Ortel C1 Anatomic Neck Collar

  • Brand: Thuasne
  • Product Code: TAOC1A (C)
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Available Options

- Navy Blue Collar
- Anatomical Cut
- Analgesic Support of the Cervical Spine

Conditions product can be used for:
- Cervical arthritis, which is very common over the age of 40 (mainly affecting the lower cervical spine)
- Neck sprain, observed in 5% of rugby accidents
- Torticollis, incorrect posture, poor positioning, excessive mechanical movements.

Uses of a cervical collar:
- Immobilises the cervical spine: the level of immobilisation varies depending on how rigid the cervical collar is.
- Corrects posture.
- Plays an analgesic role: it reduces the mechanical strain related to extreme movements, reduces muscle contractions and rests the cervical spine.


The C1 Anatomic Model is made of adapted-density foam and rounded edges providing support and comfort. It is designed in an anatomical cut with precise velcro adjustment, and comes with a removable comfortable cover. The collar serves as an analgesic support of the cervical spine.

Thuasne cervical collars are all designed to:
- Provide optimum support, depending on the condition.
- Provide maximum comfort, in order to improve patients’ compliance with treatment.


Country of Origin

Made in France


Collar Specifications
Sizing & Fit Guides

- Collar Height:
7.5cm, 9cm or 11cm

- Neck Circumference:
1:           28 - 33 cm
2:           34 - 39 cm
3:           40 - 46 cm

Color Navy Blue