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LombaSkin® Lumbar Belt

  • Brand: Thuasne
  • Product Code: TALS2 (C)
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-A discreet, lightweight lumbar belt.
- Low back pain
- For sedentary office workers       

Typical Patient: Low back pain sufferer with moderate physical activity, eg. sedentary office worker.

Conditions product can be used for:
- Common Low Back Pain
- Recurrent Low Back Pain
- Moderate Activity
- Moderate Pain
- First Painful Episode


The LombaSkin is a lightweight lumbar support for patients looking for a discreet back brace that blends with their attire. The seamless design provides a second skin effect which effects to less bulkiness around the waist, and more leeway for movement. The LombaSkin can be worn all day long, thanks to the Combitex fabric, which is softer and allows faster evaporation of moisture. This promotes quicker heat evaporation and lesser discomfort around the waist. There are 4 anatomical stays in the posterior part and 2 flexible stays in the abdominal section, which allows for the range of tightening of the belt around the waist depending on the chosen belt size.


Country of Origin

Made in France


Belt Specifications
Sizing & Fit Guides

- Belt Height:
21cm or 26cm

- Waist Circumference:
0:           60 - 70 cm
1:           71 - 86 cm
2:           87 - 102 cm
3:           103 - 121 cm
4:           122 - 140 cm

Fabric Material Combitex Fabric