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Bed Transfer Board

  • Brand: Rainbow Care
  • Product Code: H4TBB (C)
  • Availability: In Stock

- Reduce Skin Sheering
- Multi Direction Sliding              



The locomotor ultra slide sheets eliminate the need to lift, and allow clients to be transferred safely. The multi-directional glide and ultra low friction quality of the slide sheets makes sliding transfers extremely easy to perform and eliminates damage to clients skin. Allowing three basic patient handling tasks without the risk of sheering to the patients skin.

  • Turning a patient: for X-Ray, surgical procedures, recovery, pressure care, change of dressing or cleaning.
  • Sitting a patient up in bed: for feeding of relief of chest paint etc.
  • Moving a patient on or off a bed, trolley or examination couch without painful sheering to the buttocks.


Rehabilitation Specifications
Overall Length 122 cm
Overall Width 71 cm