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Telescopic Ramp

  • Brand: Rainbow Care
  • Product Code: H8TR (HC)
  • Availability: In Stock

Available Options

- 3 and 3.5 feet Lengths
- Aluminium Ramp With Friction Lining
- Prices from S$240



Compact and heavy duty, our telescopic ramp can hold up to 120kg of maximum weight for your wheelchairs and commodes. With extension twice its regular length, there is more versatility for the ramp usage to higher flights of stairs. Functionally paved with Asobestos-free friction lining as a more convenient and safer method of usage to prevent slipping backwards or toppling over, the telescopic ramp also gives customizability and freedom to adjust the distances between the two ramps according to the user's wheelchair width.

Made of aluminium, Rainbow Care carries two lengths for your preference: 3 feet and 3.5 feet, both of which are extendable to twice its length. For specifications, please refer to the "Specifications" section for the item.

Ramps remove the obstacles of steps, be it for the entrance of a home, for the bathroom or even at the work place, and allow users of wheelchairs and commodes to have unparallel access without having to require additional assistance to get over the step obstacle.

Rehabilitation Specifications
Overall Length 3 feet: 35" (neutral length), 60" (extended length)
3.5 feet: 41" (neutral length), 71" (extended length)
Overall Width 8 inches
Overall Height 1 inch