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KY938L Walking Stick

  • Brand: Rainbow Care
  • Product Code: H5KY938L (C)
  • Availability: In Stock

- Lightweight Aluminium
- Adjustable Height        



Walking sticks are great mobility aids for individuals that don't require the full assistance that a walker or rollator can provide. In most cases, a walking stick can assist the user in getting up and supporting weight on one or both of their legs. In terms of style, walking sticks offer the most options.

Individuals with certain nervous system disorders often require some type of mobility aid. Generally a walking aid or cane is meant to assist in balance and coordination. The first clear benefit of a walking cane is in climbing and descending stairs. Secondly, it is ideal for assisting individuals getting and out of there vehicles.


Rehabilitation Specifications
Overall Height 76 - 96 cm (Adjustable)
Weight 0.5 kg
Safe Working Load 120 kg