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Zinger Electrical Wheelchair

  • Brand: Zinger
  • Product Code: W1ZINGER (N)
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Available Options

- Instant Folding Frame
- Ultra Simple, Unique Design
- 17.5 kg         



Zinger sets new standards with its ultra simple and reliable traction drive and its intuitive steering system, giving it amazing manoeuvrability. Its unique design creates a revolutionary instant folding frame.

Just pull the release cable and the Zinger folds in one easy movement. No clips or catches to release, no steering column to carefully fold away. Your Zinger is now only 10 inches tall and can easily be placed in a car boot, taken on a plane or cruise ship, or even stored in a cupboard.


Conventional small scooters have a steering column and handlebars, or a joystick that makes it impossible to pull up to a table or a desk and cannot turn tightly enough to be effective indoors. In addition to its great outdoor capabilities, Zinger's unique control system has no obstruction making it also ideal for use around the home or office.

The Control System is easy to learn and intuitive to use. 3 forward speed settings range from Slow for indoor use up to Fast for travelling outdoors at up to 6mph, plus a Reverse mode.


The lightness of your Zinger makes it easy to place in a vehicle, even a small hatchback car with the seats up. It can make the expense of changing to a larger vehicle, or even a specially modified one unnecessary.

Standard safety features include a loud beeper horn and anti-tip rear wheels.

Battery pack can be charged on the chair or removed with anti-theft key.

Swing away footrest makes the Zinger easy to get in or out of.


Price does not include Arm Rest and accessories. Additional charges apply.

Country of Origin

Made in Taiwan


Wheelchair Specifications
Overall Width 64.5 cm (Wheel to Wheel)
Folded Width 25 cm (Wheel to Wheel)
Seat Height 48.5 cm (Floor to Seat)
Front Wheel Diameter 6 "
Back Wheel Diameter 9 "
Seat Width 42 cm (Internal)
Seat Depth 33 cm
Safe Working Load 120 kg
Wheelchair Weight 17.5 kg (Including Battery)