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Awards & Certifications

Awards and Certifications


Rainbow Care acquired the mandatory GPDMDS certification from TUV SUD PSB Singapore in 2010. GDPMDS, or Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices in Singapore, was initiated by the Health Sciences Authority and is a requirement for any company which imports and supplies wholesale medical devices in Singapore.

Certification to GDPMDS is based on HSA TS-01 and is part of the requirements for Importers and Wholesalers Licences that deal in medical devices. The GDPMDS defines the controls in ensuring the quality and integrity of medical devices throughout the distribution process. It specifies the requirements for a quality system used by an organisation for the handling, storage, delivery, installation, and servicing of medical devices they deal in.

Rainbow Care also registers medical devices with the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) to comply with the requirements for Product Registration. Medical devices such as oxygen concentrators have to be registered with HSA before they are allowed to be sold in Singapore. Medical devices such as Hospital Beds are exempted from Product Registration, but companies still must have a valid wholesale licence to sell these items.

Rainbow Care has complied with all the various requirements as stated out by HSA, so our clients receive continued quality service and products.


Our Products

Our products are imported from USA, Europe, Taiwan, and trusted suppliers from China. With various approvals from certification bodies worldwide such as FDA, CE, and ISO certification, you can be sure that products distributed by Rainbow Care come from a trusted, reliable, and quality source.

This is inline with our philosophy to provide high quality products at low prices.