Knee Supports

Maxis S-Line Knee Support

- Compression Level: 3
- 34 to 46 mmHg
- 17% elastane, 83% polyamide    

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Genu Dynastab® Knee Brace

- A high quality knitted sleeve knee brace.
- Suspension Strap
- TM5 Hinge

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Genuaction® Knee Support

- A proprioceptive knee sleeve support.
- Anatomically-Shaped Weave
- 23mmHg Compressive We

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Genusoft® Knee Support

- A soft proprioceptive knee sleeve.
- Anatomically-Shaped Weave
- 17mmHg Compressive Weave

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Silistab Genu® Patella Knee Brace

- A soft knitted patella femoral knee brace.
- Flexible Lateral Reinforcements

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