Precision Medical EasyPulse Total Oxygen Concentrator (5.2kg)

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The Precision Medical EasyPulse Total Oxygen Concentrator provides oxygen therapy on the go. With 5 flow levels to select from, the EasyPulse is versatile and suits many users who require portable oxygen.

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Brand: Precision Medical, Inc.

Product Code: O1PM4400

Continuous & Pulse Flow
Power & Battery Operation            



Total Oxygen Concentrator (TOC)

It is the perfect balance of mobile and stationary oxygen delivery. It delivers continuous flow and pulse flow all in the same unit weighing less than 11.5 pounds. No need to have 2 separate oxygen concentrators.

Easy To Use

The EasyPulse Total Oxygen Concentrator has an easy to use patient interface. One simple knob easily sets the oxygen flow to either pulse or continuous mode. Unlike many other TOC’s, there are no confusing electronic controls. Perfect for the Non-Delivery Oxygen Model The EasyPulseTOC is the ideal product to help you reduce costly cylinder deliveries and eliminate the need for stationary oxygen concentrators.

Makes Mobility Easy

The convenient fold-up cart with its adjustable telescoping handle and oversized wheels is easily attached to the TOC enabling the patient to take the unit anywhere and by any means. It is FAA approved for use on airlines and fits easily under an airline seat.

Everything You Need is in the Box

Open the box and you are set to go! It contains the Concentrator, Cart, AC Power Supply, AC Power Cord, DC Power Cord, Accessory Bag and User Manual.


Country of Origin

Made in USA


Oxygen Concentrator Specifications
Oxygen Concentration 87% to 95%
Sound Level 42 dBA
Power Consumption 290 Watts Average
Operating Environment Temperature Range: 5°C. to 40°C.
Altitude Range: Sea Level to 10,000 ft (3048 m)
Oxygen Minute Volume Setting 1: 240 ±15% ml/min
Setting 2: 380 ±15% ml/min
Setting 3: 520 ±15% ml/min
Setting 4: 660 ±15% ml/min
Setting 5: 780 ±15% ml/min
Battery Duration Setting 1: 3.3 hrs.
Setting 2: 3.0 hrs.
Setting 3: 2.8 hrs.
Setting 4: 2.5 hrs.
Setting 5: 2.3 hrs.
Dimensions Height: 14.63 in. (37.16 cm)
Width: 10.50 in. (26.67 cm)
Depth: 7.00 in. (17.78 cm)
Weight Unit Weight: 5.17 kg