3 Crank Electrical Luxury Hospital Bed

  • S$1,400.00

The 3 Crank Electrical Hospital Bed New Luxury Version has split side panels such that the user can hold on to one of the side rails for added safety and stability while getting off the bed.

No With Battery Back Up (+S$290.00)

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Brand: Rainbow Care

Product Code: B2E3L

- Includes Mattress & Delivery
- With Battery Back Up: S$1,690                                 



The 3 crank electrical bed is our standard electrical bed for home patient use. It is low in power consumption and only consumes power when the remote is pressed on.

The side panels are split such that the user can hold on to one of the side rails while getting off the bed. This provides an additional level of safety and stability for users who are still active.

A standard 4 inch foam mattress and delivery is provided.

With 3 controls, the bed is able to perform the following base functions:


Function 1 Back Raise
Function 2 Leg Raise
Function 3 Height Adjustments


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Hospital Bed Specifications
Overall Length 211 cm
Overall Width 106 cm
Lowest Height 39 cm (Floor to Bed base)
Highest Height 69 cm (Floor to Bed base)
Back Raise Angle 0° to 80°
Leg Raise Angle 0° to 40°
Mattress Length 200 cm
Mattress Width 90 cm
Mattress Height 10 cm
Safe Working Load 150 kg