Monthly Rental - Wheelchair (Reclining Back)

  • S$150.00

Wheelchair rental, small-wheeled and big-wheeled.

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Brand: Rainbow Care

Product Code: R/WChair

- Subsequent Rental Payments @ S$150 / Month                              


Please note that the image shown above of the wheelchair is just for illustration purposes. For first month rental of wheelchairs, customers are required to make a trip down to our showroom to choose and collect the wheelchair. This section is only for recurring payment for customers who have already rented our wheelchairs.



Easily make payment online by entering your invoice number above. If you are making payment for more than 1 month, please enter the different invoice numbers above separated with a comma (,).



- Small-wheeled wheelchairs can hold 75kg Safe Working Load
- Big-wheeled wheelchairs can hold below 100kg Safe Working Load

Pump Specifications
Dimensions 13 cm x 10 cm x 15 cm
Weight approx. 1 kg
Power Rating 100 - 240; 50/60 Hz
Battery Type Lithium Ion Polymer Battery
Battery Recharge Time 12 hrs
Battery Usage Time 10 hrs
Memory Rate, dose, accumulated volume delivered
Safety Alarms & Features Dose complete, low battery, battery on, empty set, occlusion, free-flow, 2.5 min time-out.
Flow Rate 1 ml - 500 ml (1)
Display LCD