Warranty Terms & Conditions

General Warranty Terms & Conditions

  1. All general warranty is effective from the date of purchase.
  2. All general warranty only applies to products locally purchased from Rainbow Care and used in Singapore. 
  3. Warranty & Servicing is valid & applicable only when original receipt/invoice, with date of purchase and products, is presented as a proof of purchase.
  4. All general warranty does not cover on-site service and assessment transportation fee. 
  5. Consumers is deemed to have received the products in good working condition upon signing the delivery order, tax invoice or warranty agreement, whichever applicable. 
  6. Products presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished products of the same type rather than being repaired. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the products. Replacement of the product or a part does not extend or restart the Warranty Term.
  7. Rainbow Care’s liability under this warranty is limited to repairing defective products only. The warranty does not cover any losses and damages caused directly or indirectly by the products, in respect of personal injury, damages to property or consequential damages.
  8. This warranty is strictly applied to the original buyer and non-transferable.
  9. All warranty excludes servicing transportation fee of S$35.00 (one-way).

 General Warranty Exclusions and limitations

a. The warranty DOES NOT extend to the followings:

  1. General wear and tear of all products
  2. External appearance parts which include arm rests, leg rests, seat cushions, mattress surface or any other external scratches and ageing.
  3. Replacement or repair of any consumables, or any medical products related to personal hygiene
  4. The product has been tampered with, subject to misuse, negligence and damaged.
  5. The product has not been installed, maintained or operated in accordance with instruction given by Rainbow Care.
  6. The product has undergone repairs, modifications, or dismantled by any other person prior verification of approval by Rainbow Care.
  7. Damages due to the Consumers/user's fault or lack of knowledge of product.
  8. Damage and defect caused by fire, lightning, electrical disturbance, negligence, accidents chemical reaction, excessive heat, excessive dust or corrosive surroundings and other natural disasters or due to deviation from recommended application and installation.

b. Under the following circumstances, Rainbow Care reserves the right to void the warranty:

  1. The serial number of the equipment has been altered, tampered with or removed. 
  2. If the product is being operated, or modified without Rainbow Care genuine or manufacturer recommended parts.

Non-observance of the above clause, Rainbow Care reserve absolute rights to alter or change these terms and conditions of this limited warranty at any time without prior notice. In the event of any disputes, the decision of Rainbow Care will be final.