A Basic Guide to Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs come in a wide range of options and features to suit different needs. It can be confusing to differentiate between the many models, and therefore we have created a simple guide for you to start off:

Wheelchairs or Pushchairs

Traditionally, wheelchairs have large back wheels. This allows the user to propel by themselves without assistance, and because of the smooth bearings, mobility is relatively easy. It is also a good option for independent users that they can use alone, without help.

Pushchairs have smaller back wheels that are not reachable by hand. Therefore, users will not be able to move themselves. A caregiver is required to assist from the back.

Both wheelchairs and pushchairs are easy to fold and would fit well in most car boots.

Lightweight or Detachable

Lightweight wheelchairs and pushchairs come with fixed arm rests and foot rests. These are not removable and therefore would be recommended for users who can still stand to get in and out of the chair. The plus side is that such wheelchairs and pushchairs are the lightest, ranging from 8kg to 15kg.

Detachable wheelchairs and pushchairs allow you to either detach or flip away the arm rests and foot rests. This allows full access to the seating position and is great for lateral transfers. The user does not have to stand up, turn, and sit down again. Caregivers can easily carry the user from a nursing bed to the chair without any obstacles.

Additional Features

Wheelchairs also come in different forms to cater to users with additional needs. Reclining wheelchairs allow the user to lie down fully, and also prop their legs up.

Heavy Duty wheelchairs can hold up to 125kg of user weight, and have seat widths of 56cm. The stainless steel frame is reinforced to accommodate the increased weight. This allows larger users to sit comfortably on the wheelchairs and still be pushed around easily.

Before deciding on a Heavy Duty wheelchair, do check that the door widths at home have a minimum of 75cm to allow the wheelchair to pass through.

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